Esco HD-NaCl Sodium Chloride

Esco HD-NaCl Sodium Chloride
Esco sodium chloride HD-NaCl

Esco sodium chloride HD-NaCl was developed especially for applications in the area of haemodialysis. Other pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications are possible.

Esco sodium chloride HD-NaCl is a particularly pure vacuum salt, which is produced especially for demanding pharmaceutical applications. It is produced and tested compliant with the requirements of the current versions of the European, American and Japanese pharmacopoeias.   

Product Quality 

  • Complies with the requirements of the European (EP), American (USP) and Japanese (JP) Pharmacopoeias 
  • Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001
  • HACCP product safety system in accordance with the principles of the Codex Alimentarius
  • Regular audits of the production facilities by experts and pharmaceutical companies
  • Traceability system thanks to unique labelling
  • HD-NaCI Sodium Chloride is of High purity
  • Of natural origin
  • Low content of by-minerals

HD-NaCI Sodium Chloride Production Process 

Esco HD-NaCl is obtained using a vacuum salt method from special and extremely pure brine. The sodium chloride obtained is of outstanding purity, contains no additives and is packaged separately from all other salt production equipment in dedicated areas. With this precise production process, we guarantee our customers maximum reliability and safety for products based on HD-NaC


Esco HD-NaCl is produced in individual batches and then analyzed. With each delivery, an individual analysis certificate is provided. Accompanying HACCP analysis in accordance with the principles of the Codex Alimentarius and a quality management system that accommodates the requirements of EN ISO 9001 safeguard our exacting quality standards. 

Esco HD-NaCl Sodium Chloride in pharmacopoeia quality

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