Esco De-icing Salt 25Kg

Esco De-icing Salt 25Kg
esco de-icing salt

De-Icing Rock Salt Application 

Esco de-icing salt is used as road salt to remove snow and ice, Esco range of de-icing salt is suitable for both public and private use.

De-Icing Product Description 

Esco de-icing salt is a particularly effective mixture of fine and crude salt crystals, as called for by the appropriates guidelines. Whereas the fine crystals have an immediate thaw effect, the cruder crystals ensure the required delayed action in the event of a thicker layer of ice and snow.

Advantages of Esco De-Icing Salt

  • High content of thawing substance
  • Ideal grain size range
  • Solubility almost 100 %
  • Suitable for long-time storage
  • Easy to Spread
  • Readily available in large quantities

Product Quality 

Esco de-icing salt is a mined product from rock salt deposits that were formed around 200 million years ago in the Zechstein sea and features a naturally high proportion of sodium chloride (around 99 %). This and its pure white colour make Esco de-icing salt a first-class quality product providing an excellent thaw effect. The deposits Esco is exploiting are located in Northern Germany, and the production facilities are among the most state-of-the-art of their kind in Europe. All de-icing products hold valid certification to EN ISO 9001

Esco de-icing salt is a mined product that comes from rock salt deposits which were created around 230 million years ago through evaporation of early seas. These deposits are characterised by particular purity.

What is De-icing

This applies to the application of dry salt or pre-wetted salt. In melting snow, de-icing salt is the most efficient agent as long as the pavement temperature isn’t below -18°C.  Salt is considered the best de-icer due to its properties. It has the power to lower the freezing point of water and therefore prevents a bond between ice and road surfaces.

MaCann & Byrne supply Esco De-icing Salt nationwide and the de-icing salt comes in 25kg bags 

Packaging details

Bag size – 25kg  
Pallet size – 40 x 25kg bags  


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