AXAL Pro Salt Tablets

Salt Tablets - Water Softening axal pro salt water softening tablets
AXAL Pro Salt Tablets
Salt Tablets - Water Softening

AXAL pro salt tablets – For Top Quality Water

Benefits Of Axal Pro - Water Treatment

esco salt tablets (Axal Pro) are used for water softening and were specially developed for applications in water softening units such as, for use in private homes, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, cleaning facilities and laundries etc. The water softening tablets consist of high-purity vacuum salt and dissolve easily and residue-free in water, help with regeneration, prevent calcium deposits and guarantee faultless operation of the ion exchange unit.

For industrial and commercial use in medium-sized and large water softening units, compact and coarse water softening salts provide optimum application properties.

Purity - Outstanding performance and a long service life for the water softener thanks to a minimum sodium chloride content of 99.9 %

Solubility - No residues in the salt container, this is thanks to an insoluble ingredients content of less than 0.01 %

Form - There is no clumping of the salt in the brine tank due to its patented form

Stability - No build up of salt sediment due to a stable form and low ratio of fine particles  

Product Quality -Satisfying testing requirements of the European EN 973 Type A and EN 14805 Type 1, Codex Alimentarius and NF standards, AXAL® 

Product Properties 

AXAL® Pro salt tablets are made from high-purity, fully soluble vacuum salt.

This special salt is free from additives that could impair the function of the ion exchanger.
AXAL® Pro salt tablets contain no harmful ingredients, are completely soluble and are resistant to decay.
The patented, convex form of the AXAL® Pro salt tablets and their low content of fine particles ensure maximum solubility and dissolving speed.

Packaging details

Bag size – 25kg  
Pallet size – 49 x 25kg bags  

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